Traveling to Singapore: Most beautiful places to travel in Singapore

Most beautiful places to travel in Singapore

Singapore – Known as one of Four Asian Dragons, besides Hongkong, South Korea and Taiwan with numerous wonderful buildings can be called human wonders. Traveling to Singapore will satisfy you more than you think.

Traveling to Singapore is not only coming to one of the most liveable place in the world, but also because of unique factors this place can bring to you. That could be luxury areas which challenge nature creator such as Marina Bay Sands, Garden by the bay,… or if you are the one who love nature, your destinations are Jurong Bird Park or Singapore botanic garden. For those who have passion for adventure, should take a look with Singapore Universal Studio in Sentosa Island and Safaries while shopaholics can find there things in Orchard street shopping areas.

It is very easy to book a flght to Singapore, you can search for Singapore Airline, a high standard Singaporean airline. You can also search for low-cost airline such as Jet Star Pacific, Tiger airway or Lion Air if you are in South East Asia. For the rest of the world, Singapore airline, Thai Airway are highly recommended. Changi airport is recently in list of the best airports over the world with modern facilities, the convenience this airport can offer you.

Getting around in Singapore:

Singapore city by MRT

Getting to downtown of Singapore city by MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) is considered the best way besides buses and taxis. Everyone should try moving around Singapore by MRT with E-Z link tourist card which can be purchased in MRT stations and you can use it for public transportation (Buses and trains), Tourists who come to Singapore are highly recommended to use public transportations because of their convenience and of course their price, you can purchase EZ-link card for each day use with S$6.7 per day, besides if you choose to pay for each trip you should prepare some pence (S$1 – S$2/trip/person depends on distance) . But in case you must use taxicabs, try avoid using them too late at night unless you do not need to save your money, taxis in Singapore will charge you night service after 9 PM which cost you at least 50% total amount and you also find taxi stand as well, taxi costs in Singapore may be higher than public transportation but still reasonable in case you are in hurry (S$ 3 for first km and for next 10km will be S$ 0.55 – S$ 0.7 per km). In general, getting around city is not difficult when traveling to Singapore.

Accomodation in Singapore:

Distance from Changi airport to downtown is from 10 km and when you arrive to Changi airport at night, it will be your best choice if staying overnight in airport if you want to save money for your use in the following days in Singapore, Changi has good basic conditions for passengers who want to rest until early morning with soft lounge chair and wifi.


Singapore has large accomodation system with various standards from hostels to five star hotels. With backpackers, one of the top priorities is saving money and in this case hostels around city are perfect. Most of hostels in Singapore can meet basic requirement of backpackers for sleeping double – bed, personal hygiene however backpackers must share another spaces with the others and they will cost you around S$ 20 – S$ 40/night/person. For family groups, it is quite inconvinient if staying in hostels and solution for them is using small hotels with S$ 30 – S$ 60/night/person. High standard hotels are everywhere in Singapore can offer you perfect services such as breakfast included, private rooms, A/C… , upscale hotels are good for those who need leisures and experiences in luxury but their costs will make you think unless you are on a business trip (S$ 60 – S$ 300). The most expensive room in Singapore is Chairman suite soom with S$ 20.000/night. You can take a look at some areas may offer you good accomodation price such as Bugis, Geylang and Chinatown areas.

Dining: Singapore is one of the most expensive place to live but tourists can always find some place to dine out with reasonable price instead of gourmet restaurants. Along Orchad street with many building for shopping but there are always basements with foodcourts and you can find multi cuisine here, from local to Thai, Chinese, Indian to Western food. You just have to pay maximum S$ 5 for one dish. Visiting Singapore means you should try some traditional dishes here with Hainanese chicken rice, chilly crab, Bak Kut The, frog porridge… as people say traveling to Singapore is experience unique food here

Go around and entertainment:


Orchard road and Bugis junction appear many shopping centers, you can find everything from clothes, shoes to accessories or family stuffs. Average price in Bugis area is a cheaper than Orchard road which are choice for luxury brand names.

Kampong Glam, Little India, China town: Area communities are built for Arabs, Indians and Chinese with variety of traditional local products in different styles and forms. They are all the best places for you to discover and explore local people.

Vivo City: The biggest shopping and trading center in Singapore where tourists can find everything and near Sentosa Island.

Sentosa: One of the best island resort in Asia and welcomes about 5 million annual tourists. It owns a 2 – kilometre beach, 5 – Star hotels and many attraction with Universal Studio, Giant Sealion, monorail system, many parks, Sea Aquarium, Image of Singapore and especially light and sound show Wings of time at night. Sentosa island is always a highlight when traveling to Singapore.

Jurong Bird Park attracts you with over 9.000 individuals of 600 species from around the world, they are penguins from Antarctica, Fuji falcon, colorful parrots from Amazon. Tourists also can see many bird shows and have a lot of fun, popular shows are All star birds show and Birds of prey show.

Night Safari and River Safari: While night safari is the first night zoo in the world with over 100 mammal species, river safari offer you a chance to see many river species from large rivers around the world.

Garden by the bay: the park consists three waterfront gardens: Bay south garden, Bay east garden and Bay central garden, besides, tourist can take a look over systems of supertrees which absorb sun energy during daytime and shine at night.