Travel Europe on a budget 2015

Travel Europe on a budget

Not only known as a land of prosperity and civilization but also famous for many beautiful landscapes, many ancient architectural works and many high-value historical areas, it is said that Europe has become one of the very popular destinations for all travelers.


However, the world economic situation is unstable and price becomes more expensive at the present. Traveling to European countries will require visitors a lot of money. So how to both ensure cost savings and meet visitors’ needs of European discovery? Whether you travel the enormous Norwegian Sognefjord, get blinded by science in Brussels, spend a night at the opera in Vienna, catch a flamenco show in Andalusia or sip a cocktail in front of the Eiffel Tower. These following tips and tricks can help you make the most of your holiday time and if you’re on a budget, it can reduce the expense of your travels a half. In this article, I would like to show you so many ways to travel Europe on a budget.

First of all, travelers should avoid traveling Europe in the peak season because of high travel expenses, poor accommodation services, catering services and so on. At this time, the price can increase dramatically. Instead, travelers should find out the destination and the promotions that fit their vacation time in advance. The good suppliers are those who have experienced Tour organization and bring the absolute trust to customers. Google is a great tool for travelers looking for information on how and where to get cheap and high quality travel tickets.

Secondly, travelers can also save a lot of money when traveling through Europe by tourism agents and agencies. There are many travel agents who are ready to provide tourists airfare at a discount if tourists book early. Even airlines also have many discounts and reduced fares for predefined route and the discount tickets in selected months. Besides, visitors can also get discount fares for family group and discounted fare for children.

Thirdly, guests should travel around the Europe gateway cities like London, Dublin. And from here, guests will be able to buy cheap air tickets to get to the other European destinations. If visitors book a round-trip ticket, it is always less costly than two one-way tickets. Besides, traveling the gateway cities is also a great way for tourists to visit the attractive spots in the city with the low cost.

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Whether in a big city or in a small village, your main expense is renting an accommodation. You have lots of options. To travel Europe on a budget, instead of staying at the luxury hotel located near the coast or in the heart of the city, visitors can save a significant amount of money if they lease an apartment or live in hotels with soft prices but clean, comfortable and not far away from the place that travelers want travel to. Moreover, visitors can also find many beautiful tourist attractions and other attractions located in this area if guests ask the locals. Typically, most tourists usually visit the famous and well-promoted tourism destinations in the region but overlook the small destinations that perhaps are equally beautiful and seductive. Costs in the small spots like this probably are even much cheaper than the main attractions.

For dining, guests should choose the restaurant, tavern or bar that would be cheap and affordable. Quality of food and drinks in these places is also very good, maybe the equivalent to those in the luxurious hotels. Because of high cost of business investment of large hotel, service price here is also more expensive. Therefore, travelers can save a lot of money when dining in restaurants, small hotels without sacrificing the quality of food.

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When using the vehicles to travel Europe on a budget, visitors are advised to travel by train or bus instead of taking a taxi or rent your own car. In Europe, travelers will easily reach the cheap high-speed train to go to the big cities in the region, such as London. In addition, travelers should stay in the suburbs near the city center because the cost here would be lower than the city. By doing this simple thing, travelers can save a small amount of money for their tours. Also, please ask the locals and check the information on the guidebook to the city to find some attractive destinations that match your budget.

In the backpack, you should carry the most needed traveling tools so that you can go anywhere without having hire porters your luggage. Remember to bring water to save money on drinks instead of buying expensive mineral water while traveling.

Travel Europe on a budget

One important thing is that you should visit the attractions in Eastern Europe instead of Western Europe if you are travel Europe on a budge. Traveling costs in Western Europe is much higher than Eastern Europe. Two of the destinations in Eastern Europe that are worth to travel are Greece and Portugal. They are home of many unique landscapes and ancient architectures that you should not miss. Traveling in these countries is much cheaper than in Western European cities like London, UK and Paris, France. Furthermore, many international tourists also remember that Eastern Europe have many beautiful scenery, unique culture, historical relics and many natural and manmade wonders that give tourists more options than Western Europe.

You should not try your luck at the casino and not to be tempted by the attraction of the city’s luxuries. You should also keep an eye on your wallet when taking pictures or do something. In addition, you should also bargain when shopping. The shops here might be willing to sell you expensive items with cheaper prices if you know how to bargain.

Finally, you should imitate the local people. For example, dressing like locals and soak up the crowd instead of dressing like a foreigner.

With the above tips of “Travel Europe on a budget”, you will definitely experience more by spending less.