Tourism introduction of Con Dao

Tourism introduction of Con Dao

Be famous as a historic vestige related to suffering past of the Nation, Con Dao often makes people think of horror prisons. However, when island tourism has been getting a new trend recently, people has discovered pure and imposing beauty of  Ba Ra – Vung Tau’s nice islands. The beautiful scenery of blue sea, white coast and cool atmosphere make Con Da attractive to not only domestic, but also foreign travellers.

Tourism introduction of Con Dao

Transportation: vehicles for Con Dao tourist

Airplane: There are currently two airline brands getting travellers to Con Dao, they are Vietnam Airlines and Mekong Air. Price is from 1 to1.5 million vnd per one-way ticket. Distance from the Co Ong Airport to the center is around 12 km. You can hire taxi or book picking-up service with hotel.

Ship: There are ships from Vung Tau to Con  Dao everyday, price is from 200,000 to 300,000 vnd. However, it takes a long time to move (around 11-12 hours), so you should ct onsider if your health is not good. You can select a car  (price 100,000 – 200,000 vnd)or a hydrofoil (price 200,000 – 250,000 vnd) to move from Sai Gon to Vung Tau. If you choose the hydrofoil, you should hire a big one to not get tired.

Being in Con Dao: Con Dao tourist is preferable by cool atmosphere, big roads and romantic scenery. So that, you can enjoy this great feeling when driving a motorbike around and around the island. You can hire motor bike at hotel or other hiring spaces with price from 100,000 – 150,000 vnd each one per day.

Monuments, beaches, tourist attractions of Con Dao Islands tour


Con Dao beaches are surrounded by lines of green trees  with cool wind and the sea is crystal clear. Some of them you should visit :

Dam Trau beach: near The Co Ong airport: white soft sand, mountain-surrounded sea makes light and quiet waves. This beach is ranked as the most beatiful one of Con Dao.

Lo Voi beach: along the Ton Duc Thang street, so it appropriates to families or crowd

An Hai beach: away district’s center about 10 minutes walking. The beach is surrounded by mountains, therefore sea is so calm and crystal clear.

Dat Doc beach: Defiles lying deep seashores create nice and calm small beaches.

Sun-seeing: you will get great chance to see the Sun when being in Con Dao. Getting up early to see the sun-shine at the Shark Cape (Mui Ca Map). The sun shining over Bay Canh Mount, blue clouds and sun lights creat a fanciful light performance.

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Natural tourist:

Ong Dung Primitive Forest: you can move to the West from Con Dao, trekking experience in 20 minutes, and go through the Ong Dung Forest. There are tropical primitive green trees along the way to a beautiful beach at the end of the Forest.

Bay Canh Island: you can hire a ship to visit the Bay Canh Island, the second biggest one of Con Dao’s 16 islands. Whole of the Island is surrounded by tropical forests. You can book tour to dive and see corals under the sea.

Tre Island: this is one of the attractive sceneries of Con Dao tourist.

Dam Tre Bay with natural sceneries, light wind, surrounded by mangrove forests. Here, travellers can visit the mangrove forests, swim to see corals, see swallows netting and lots of sea animals. Other beautiful sceneries travellers can visit are Con Son Bay, Lo Voi Mountain, Dat Doc beach, Chim Chim Mountain, Dong Bac bay…

History: you can visit more historic remains in Con Dao to know more about National heroic history.

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Con Dao Museum: This used to be work place of island lords. Being here, you have chance to understand building-up period of Con Dao via evidences, antiques, pictures and documents from French colonial time to now.

Phu Son Prison, Phu Hai Con Dao: Vietnam communist soldiers were prisoned here in wars against France and America.

Tiger Cage prison : Travellers know more living of communist soldiers , savage ways of tortures. Vo Thi Sau was also prisoned here.

Hang Duong Cemetery: Here contains more 2000 soldiers graves and Vo Thi Sau’s grave. Not only burning incense , but you also prepare Offerings, especially you should bring a comb in the Offerings. Be better if you can bring white flowers.

Mental Tourist:

Phi Yen Temple


Phi Yen Temple or known as An Son Temple: Mrs Phi Yen was the wife of the King Nguyen Anh, also the mother of  the Prince Cai. Because of bad guys, Mrs Phi Yen was deeply resent, so that she commited suicide when she was 25 years old. You should visit the temple and grave of the Prince Ca, too. His is near the Co Ong airport

Nui Mot Temple is located at the center of district, is known as the most beautiful terrain of Vietnam. The Temple was opened in 2011, on the mountain, you can see the whole of sea – mountain – city – An Hai lotus lake.

Foods: Food restaturant, street foods, special foods

Generally, in Con Dao, neither in-outside hotels nor resorts there are many restaurants, but price level are the same and tasty food. Tri Ky restaurant, located at the Nguyen Duc Thuan street, is famous here with sea food and other traditional food. Another one is Thu Ba restaurant in Con Dao market at the Vo Thi Sau street. The restarant is small, clean and the chief cook very well. The restaurant menu includes seafood, tradiotional food, soup hot pot… Phuong Hanh restaurant is another choice that is in a small alley and surrounded by a thistle.

Some tasty special food in Con Dao

Nu Vang shelfish

Nu Vang shelfish (sciential name Niloticus): A pyramidal shelfish that can be steamed, fried and boiled, especially grilled with onion, is really tasty. You can easily enjoy this food in most of restaurants while seeing the beauty of blue sea.

Red grouper: a special food of island with delicious taste and tasty smelling.

Hat Bang jam is made from big tree’s pips (sciental name Terminalia Catappa) and sugar. This pip covered in dark yellow sheath has a silky white color. People can roast it with salt or sugar, so that its smelling is very delicious. The price is around 20,000 – 30,000 vnd/kg, highest up to 50,000 vnd/kg.

Salted-oyster sauce: This sauce that is indispensable to Con Dao residence in the meals, is made from fresh oyster mixed with salt, chilly, spices and soaked in a red fragrant liquid.

If you do not have much time and money to spend on the Phu Quoc trip, you can choose Nha Trang tourist – such an exiting and attractive place as Phu Quoc. Lots of beautiful beaches as Dai Lanh , Dai, Doc Let, Hon Chong … get Nha Trang become an attractive tourist attraction. This is the ideal place for you to spend your holiday with beaches, especially for whom wants to keep away from hard working time.